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Garment care  

You’ve invested time and money selecting just the right garments. Now, follow these simple hints to prolong their life and protect your investment.

Rule 1 - Care
To properly launder your garments, be sure to follow the directions on the label.

  • Wool or wool blend suiting should be dry cleaned only when soiled or stained (typically every 5th or 6th wearing). Keep in mind that dry cleaning or home laundering too often will break down or weaken fibers. Instead, give the garments a crisp pressing in between cleaning to help eliminate wrinkles.
  • Washable suiting should be laundered at home in cold water on the gentle cycle. Dry on low heat and remove when slightly damp. For optimal appearance, finish with a steam iron.

Rule 2 - Fit
Wearing the wrong size not only results in a poor fit, it can also prematurely wear out garments. You can easily avoid this by using our Size Charts to order the correct size. If you have several employees to fit, it’s a great idea to order a Fit Line to make it easier for your employees to try on garments.

Rule 3 - PAR Level
PAR is the term used to designate how many sets of uniforms have been issued to each employee. By purchasing the right PAR level and rotating garments, you’ll be much more likely to save money.

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